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Ley Lines are said to be the veins of the earth and crisscross the entire planet. Ley Lines can vary in width and believed to be the life blood of Mother Earth. Usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. However, apart from the physical presence of the sites themselves, proving the presence of a 'connection' between them is something that researchers have found notoriously elusive.

  • Global

    Ley Lines can stretch for miles and cross valleys, mountains and the sea.
  • Regional

    Most cultures have traditions and words to describe alignments that run across landscapes.
  • Local

    Ley Lines are connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures together.
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The Virtual Globe: Cesium is a complete platform for 3D geospatial data—handling everything from optimization to visualization to analytics. At the heart of our platform is 3D tiling, which transforms massive and diverse 3D geospatial data into streamable 3D content ready to be used in your application and in any environment.

  • CesiumJS

    CesiumJS is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin.
  • TerriaJS

    TerriaJS is an open-source framework for web-based geospatial catalogue explorers
  • GeoServer

    GeoServer is an open source server for sharing geospatial data. Designed for interoperability, it publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards.
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We are working with some amazing sites around the world. Feel free to participate at the Leylines-Hub.

  • The Megalithic Portal

    The Megalithic Portal is the top destination for Megaliths and Prehistory worldwide.
  • Palden Jenkins

    Palden Jenkins is a prehistorian researcher, humanitarian, webmaster, writer and photographer
  • The Earth Energy Map

    The Earth Energy Map has been developed to allow Earth Energy dowsers to share their results. The hope is that by putting the pieces together, a bigger picture will emerge.
  • Ramar

    RAMAR: Research of Ancient Mysteries and Anomalies for Reevaluation
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